My tree have grown fruits, big ones to which I am glad. Recently my youngest have defected to her dad.

When he comes home she would run to him and beg him to be a tree. The silly dear then would stand bent at the knees and arms out as branches for his little one to climb all the way up then he would grab her when she is done and swing her around.

Lately she would sit next to him at restaurants, get him to take her to the rest rooms, get him to change her, read to her at night. Of course he is tickled pink with all the attention he’s getting.

She was not like her siblings. She did not bond with him like they did. I used to ask her do you love your baba and she would say no. Only yes to mummy. She was only clingy to me.

May be she was confused as she saw more of “uncle” than baba . May be she didn’t feel secure. I was the only permanent person in her life.

I know she misses “uncle” as the other day I got her to draw a card for him to say thank you for her birthday pressie . She said to her siblings. I like uncle because he comes and play with me.

The end always justify the means? I would like to think so. By choosing I made hubby happy and my little girl more secure in knowing there are now two people that she can rely on.

07/ 2007