We decided we’d had enough when our fingers got pruney so off we went to explore.  When we first walked in you’d never guess it was a sex club. It was more like an adult luxury play club. A huge pool complete with Greek columns, spa. There was a bar and further inside there was a movie theatre, an internet lounge and of course a sauna, a steam room and showers, toilets. The showers were communal and thus one shower head after another, no doors, just a glass screen. From outside you can see a whole row of naked bodies showering.

It only gave you the feeling of dirtiness when you ventured upstairs. First we saw the cubicles. There were ones that fitted a double size bed? No not a bed, more like a divan covered in leather? Or easy to wipe vinyl? Near the door was an open box filled with condoms and a wall dispenser of what I thought might be lubricant?

Then there were smaller cubicles, size of a toilet, only standing room. These were private cubicles where one can lock the doors. Further on there were the open rooms, a theatre one with a bench along one side, a huge screen showing porn on the other wall and then there were smaller ones with the same layout as a closed cubicles but no door. I assumed for the exhibitionists?

As J lead me through the place I was like what the? It just got cruder and cruder. There was a dungeon complete with a swing. J lifted me up into one for a laugh. Then there were glory holes? Where a man poke his thingy through. You can’t see anything of him except for his junior. Since it was dark I didn’t realise until J playfully popped my hand on one guy’s thingy. I immediately jumped backwards when I realised what it was. He cracked up so bad once we were out of there. I must have made his day. He must have had so much fun piling on pranks after pranks. That’s J for you, he’s terrible.

As the night went on my perceptions kind of went out the window one by one. J took me to a cubicle, a closed one and well I wasn’t paying attention. It turned out the couple that was in it was the one that played with us in the spa. The door closed, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. What happened happened, we swapped partners in the end.

It kind of did my head in. There I was being intimate with someone else’s partner and yet she wasn’t jealous? And meanwhile my J was with her? And I wasn’t jealous? I’d thought I would be since I’d thought I’d loved him the year before? Loved him enough to want to end my marriage? It was weird. The weirdest feeling of all was I didn’t fancy him anymore after I saw his head in between her legs? The thing was it was a loving experience. I’d felt love in that room. I’d never thought I could feel love at a swingers party? Thought it was just sex and yet there was love. We ended leaving without knowing their names, just a thank you and we left.

We went downstairs to have a shower and we sat in the movie theatre and chatted. This time about the experience we just felt. J said he has chosen them because they were in tune with each other. He didn’t want to share me with a couple that didn’t love each other or respected each other. He had wanted a loving experience and for that I thanked him. For a sexual being he’s a feely touchy person and considerate as well.

To be continued..