He asked me why did I pick him?? I replied I didn’t. I followed BH into here and found it rather nice so I stayed. It was to be my little hidey hole, to hide from the world, to nurse my broken heart, to hide from a certain someone.

I wasn’t looking for love or for anyone. For once I was at peace with myself. I had recently untangled all my love knots and felt proud of myself. The last few years have been full of turmoil, full of sadness. I was pulled here and there. Everyone wanted a piece of me. I tried to accommodate and in the end I couldn’t or rather I didn’t want to anymore and I did what I thought was best, severed all contacts.

I was drawn to him. He was funny, quick witted and somehow he grew on me.

He made me notice him with his funny replies. He had me hook, line and sinker. When I posted that falling in love again post he kept on asking me who’s the guy?

I went round and round in circles. I even did a tangent and even gave him clues. The silly dear came back and said he was confused. He didn’t know the guy was the one that was totally confused.

I ended up blurting it all out, frustrated to the pits that someone can be so slow to digest and regretted as soon as it was out. I didn’t want him to know. It was my little secret.

That night I wrote him a little note saying don’t think anything of it. Wasn’t thinking straight, Didn’t mean for him to …didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

He wrote back what’s all that about? And that I should follow my heart once in awhile.

I am still following my heart and I am happy.

If we should meet I might hold him up to it. A big big hug and a long long kiss. A walk in the park and an ice cream to share. For by the time we get to meet there might not be any teeth left so ice cream is a safe bet. That is if we ever meet in this life time.