It’s humping day over here and half the day is over .

My oldest rudely woke me up around 5am. She was trying to get ready for her snow trip. Which meant trips up and down the stairs and since her room is right next to ours it was a racket.

Then one of her friends rang the bell at 6am. It’s like can’t you just ring on her phone ? How rude. 

Have kind of half prepped dinner. The prawns are all shelled and cleaned ready to go. Dishes are washed except the cutlery. About to put the second load into the washing machine .

I’m supposed to go walkies today except buddy is stuck at work function til 3pm.

Thus trying to prep dinner so I can go walkies and head back home later.

Been really slack lately no walkies since last Thursday. The weather’s not too enticing to get out of the house. 

Today’s list:
Go up to the rental to take photos from the outside . Not sure what the hell for? The town planner wanted it so will do that for him.

Cook dinner. Saw two large packets of noodles my oldest left behind. She bought 4 packets for the 10 of them. Told her she only needed two small packets. 

Anyhow will see if I can grab some belly pork and thus will make noodle soup with prawns and belly pork.

Ring the stocking company again. Haven’t heard from them at all when he said he’s going to email me on Monday.

Go walkies with buddy at 3pm. 

Pretty much it for today. 

Trying to read this and flipping through . The Guardian was a better read.