Day before the dreaded school holidays. It will be two weeks of noise, forever stocking up the fridge and well chaos .

The kids all have their own plans and to coordinate everyone just makes the job nuttier.

Since the hidey hole mould problem is still not fixed we are not going down there this holiday. I’m still waiting for the plasterer to get back to me. The plumber have done his job.

I might make day trips once my leg is healed to sort it out. I can drive now but been doing it with hubby’s car since his has a hand brake not a foot brake. Not sure if I want to sit in the car for too long not supposed to I don’t think. 

It means two weeks of being in close proximity to each other. Our place does not leave much for privacy. 

Hubby will be working straight 6 days a week til 11/7 then he might get some reprieve as that’s when our other pharmacist is back. The one we have now will go on leave after today. 
I’ll be nagging the kids to dry clean their blazers, spring cleaning their rooms and wardrobes.

It’s the only time I have them around to do it.

Then I want to may be freshen up their rooms and study. Another project in the making. 

Today’s list:

Groceries and dinner. 

Last night’s dinner 

Thinking noodle soup tonight since we didn’t have it last night. 

1130am lunch meeting with nursing home staff

Go online to buy jewellery bags for mum. Set categories in the computer for her jewellery and print out price stickers.

That way we are all set to go once it’s done. 

Not much planned for today. I do want to go to Bunnings to have a look at timber. Still undecided as I need more shelvings for my pantry but the big BUT is that Coles, a supermarket is moving into the next corner may be next year thus I won’t need to stock up anymore. No need for more shelvings. 

Will I last til next year? Might have to. I’m just too impatient for my own good.