After our chat we made our way back upstairs and there went my loving feeling. We made our way to the porn movie room, an opened room. There was one girl lying on a bean bag with guys surrounding her taking turns. Along the wall, the bench people were just standing there watching. It was disgusting so was a woman giving pleasure to a guy in the passage way. J was like couldn’t they find a room? I tried to tug J away watching porn is one thing when confronted in real life it’s disgusting.

As it got crowded I felt less safe. As we walked along the corridor could feel someone trying to grope me from underneath my towel. His hand made it way under and up. I wiggled out and hurried J up to get away from the grope. If he had asked for permission I might have let him but like that? I don’t think so.

Then J decided to be intimate in an opened room before long people came in to watch and well it got crazy. It was dark, I felt scared as there were hands everywhere. I wasn’t in control and it was like free for all feast. There were times I had to push them away as they weren’t gentle or loving. They pinched, they squeezed. I have had it by the end of the session. I wanted to go home, have had enough. How can men be such animals? Guessed we asked for it, the craziness of being exhibitionists.

By then it was getting late anyway. I showered again and we got dressed and left. A case of too much of the good thing is no good for you. And that’s it until next time. I told J I was hooked. He said if I’d ever go again he’d love to be my partner. We will see, even hubby wanted to go. I’m not sure if I want to take him for not sure how he’d react or how I would react?