When the youngest started high school three years ago I made a deal with her. That she needed to continue piano til grade 6 if she wanted to do violin. She agreed. 

Well just a month ago we had a family meeting and she told us that she hated piano and was getting anxious and crying at her lessons according to her sister. 

Her dad told her it’s okie you can stop lessons.

The only reason I wanted her to finish grade 6 AMEB exams was just in case she wanted music as a career. It’s the minimum requirement to enter University. 

When she was younger she wanted to be a music teacher. She loves to sing and well that’s the reason. 
Anyhow I got really upset as the whole family think it’s my fault 😩

Thus after that episode I wrote the music school an email telling them that she will finish up end of this term .

Today was her last lesson. She left for lesson with a pressie for her teacher.

She came home upset. Apparently her teacher did not accept the pressie and told her she can keep it until she finished grade 6.

Then it came out, oh I am only having a break.

At dinner I told her look you can go back next year if you want to. If you don’t want to go back to your teacher we can find someone else. 

So it’s my fault again ? 

Teens. I’m over it. I don’t regret making her take piano lessons. I do regret we didn’t move her to another teacher sooner. May be then she would still love piano. 

Her teacher is a witch. One of those that is very serious about music and everything is about music. She got me to come in once and pretty much lectured me about how I should be more stricter and make my daughter practise as she’s got talent. The best out of all of her students. 

The thing is I grew up with music and that’s why I wanted all of my kids to pick up an instrument. It’s so when there’s no one there for them music is there. 
I was never a tiger mum making them practise hours on end or even thought of music as a career for them. The grade 6 minimum was so they can teach piano on the side for pocket money or something. 

Her sister finished grade 6 but then she had a lovely young looking teacher who was extra friendly. 
The youngest used to have a lovely teacher too. Then she left and she was transferred to this teacher. 

Feels like I’m a dud of a mum today.