It’s last day of term. The kids are not due back at school til 17/7/17. Here is hoping because it’s cold this school holidays everyone has headed up north or overseas. 

It goes like this . They start the year after Australia Day or near there and ends first term around Easter. Second term ends around June/July . Third term September/October then end of year near Christmas time.

This is the public school calendar. The private ones have a three weeks holidays instead of two for one of their term breaks for their June or September break. 

Though specified end of year isn’t until 22/12/17 it’s not true for students . High schools finish their formal lessons a week earlier with the last week being activities week. The older students actually finish end of November or early December after they’ve sat their exams.

We’re staying put this year so no holidays to plan. I’m not sure what we are doing next year. Hubby have been going back to visit his mum twice a year and so it eats up into our holidays time. It costs as well.

And then with the two older ones in uni if we do go away it has to be during their Summer break or June, their mid year break.

Summer is no good since December is our busiest month. January tends to quieten down for us to catch up. Plus it’s Summer here thus we tend to head to the beach. Which leave only the June holidays to go overseas. 

Where to go in June except Europe or US? Too far to go for just two weeks. That’s the bad thing about Australia . We are only close to Asia ,8-10 hours flight. US, 15-20 hours flight. Europe is like 20+ hours flight.