He’s so jealous it is hilarious. We were getting ready to leave Cố Đô when who else but my bestie’s sister walked in with her other half. I called out and she came over to say hello.

Then her husband walked back to give me a hug. He and I went back a long way, ever since year 9. We met at his school’s social.

He looked well, less hair but well and happy. I remembered I used to love his smiles. They always seem to light up his face.

He, you look just the same V. I laughed then hubby joined me and shook his hand. After awhile we said good bye so they can go eat as it was 830pm and they were starving. We left.
Outside, my son, was that Michelangelo ? He must have caught on as his dad called him Ninja Turtle.

All because he had tiny eyes, a high forehead, curls on top and a big big nose. My mum used to call him đạo sĩ mũi trâu translated to English buffalo nostrils warrior.
Anyhow at least Ninja Turtle is better than bum sniffer. I commented that he looked just the same, only his hair was receding and what did I get ? Well what do you expect when you are looking at a…ssholes all day? H is a gastroenterologist, specialising in proctology. 
He went on and on. See how close you were kids? you could have been his kids with half the amount of hair.
Told hubby off. He makes plenty of money you know, you’re just jealous.
No I am not! I am not jealous! Imagine having to sniff a..ssholes all day. 
He’s just jealous full stop. Why else would he go on and on and on about it? 
August 2012