We got to the restaurant about 610pm. We didn’t sit down til around 7pm. Even at that time there was a line. The twos found tables quite easy just us families that had to wait for a table.

The waitress advised us to have our dips and pita bread brought out first as it was 20-25 minutes wait on mains. 

I originally wanted everything to come out together.

My main , lamb skewers which I shared as it was just too much meat and salad. I ate all of my chips though. 
My oldest ordered the same dish.

Salad to go with the meat platter. 

Meat platter that hubby shared between him and the two younger ones. My youngest wasn’t hungry. Even then they couldn’t finish it. 

We left at 8pm and walked to dessert.

A little place out of nowhere near the Vic market on recommendations from the oldest.
Durian pufflets. Durian flavoured waffle with durian ice cream and sauce topped with durian wafer and cornflakes. 

Milo beast pufflets. I didn’t have a taste so don’t know what’s in it. That big fat thing is a toasted marshmallow. 

For hubby.

Second dessert. A disappointment. 

He’s on to his second box 😂

Now we are talking . It’s yum.