Busy week this week. My definition of busy is not the same as when I was working. 

It means there’s something on every day . Not multiple things happening. 

Today I’m off to the city. 

Wednesday I’m hoping to take the kids lamp shopping. Either that or I’ll go myself. It’s supposed to be rainy.

Thursday I’ve got to drive down to the hidey hole. Managed to secure two quotes from the plasterers and also having coffee with a work colleague. 

Friday hopefully walkies with buddy as I tend to leave Friday to work at the business. That is if he doesn’t work from home. 

Saturday and Sunday nothing on. 

I’m behind with the business and housework. Towel day came and went yesterday as it took me half the day to go do groceries. About $700 later we are fully stocked and I’m broke. 
Next week nothing is on kids are still on holidays so we migh go out to the city or something. 

Week after my friend comes down for a few days. I think I’ve got her Monday and Tuesday.
Week after that exchange student for two weeks.

I’m hoping to eat less walk more so I lose the weight I’ve managed to pile back on. Will sign up for the gym or dance class or something. 

All this will change after today may be. I’ve popped my hand up to help the volunteering coordinator to coordinate  shifts for us volunteers. Ie. email out shifts and work out who’s doing which shifts and note down statistics.

It’s going to be something that will keep me busy. 

Hence the meeting later on. I’m meeting her to see what’s involved. 

Today’s list:

Groceries and dinner. 

Wash towels

Pay mum

Pay for tutoring for next term