Today I’m off wandering . Hubby told me last night not to worry about the pressie. Guess he’s upset at me being upset at him.

My meeting is at 2pm in the CBD thus want to leave early to have lunch there. Feels like udon since it’s so cold.
My friend is coming down from interstate in two weeks. She’s got a conference on.

The thing is she’s booked a hotel near Essendon airport so I’m still figuring how to get to her.

There’s road works going on with detour in place and well I don’t fancy sitting in traffic and getting lost. It’s about just over half an hour tram trip from the CBD.

I’ll have to think of food places to take her to eat. Where she is, a regional city, she doesn’t get the same quality restaurants as us. It’s in the woop woop. 

Chinese :

SupperInn: Hong Kong Chinese cheap and great food. 

Dragonboat : yum cha , open very early and up market.

Old Kingdom: Peking duck but that’s near us 

China Bar Signature: buffet about 20 minutes drive from us.

Steamboats : Rotary (Richmond ) or Gold leaf (Docklands) 

There are others but these are our favourites. 


I only know of one Yami Yami and have been to a few others. Sam Sam for fried chicken , Oriental Spoon for lunch years ago. There’s one in Chinatown, cheap but mediocre. We’ve been to a BBQ one in an alley somewhere in the CBD taken by my oldest. 

There’s one that’s supposed to be good Hwaro. May be I’ll see if we can go whilst she’s here. I might have to book as it looks busy.


Teppanyaki inn (CBD)

Zen (Hawthorn)


Steamboat and hot plates: Star restaurant (Footscray ) . Their specialty goat steamboat and venison hot plate. 

Pho: I love Pho (Richmond) or Emporium 

Bun Bo Hue : Co Do (Richmond)

Traditional Viet food : Van Mai (Richmond) 

For lunch there’s always Pho (I love Pho) in Richmond or Laksa (Laksa King) a bit out in Flemington. Emporium food court has a branch of I love Pho. I find not bad laksa here too. 
Udon, Udon Yasan, they make their own udon or ramen at Shujinko. Both of these are on Russell St China end of town.

And if you love souvlaki like I do there’s Stalactites in the Greek quarters. 

Then there are snacks. That waffle the other day was seriously good. So much to eat in Melbourne that we would never run out of places. 

Cakes and pastries: Brunetti, Zumbo, Lune.Vic market doughnuts. 

Dessert houses: Blackball, Dessert Kitchen

Ice cream: Pidapipo (Carlton) , Gelato Messina ( Windsor). 

Then there’s odd ball stuff . We discovered yummy durian pastries the other day as an offering from Secret Kitchen yumcha set.