Led to the other. I’m down at the hidey hole. Thank goodness for our plumber . He’s fixed the roof and alerted me to the fact that water have gone under. 

It’s lifted the tiles to part of the floor in the bathroom.

And also the whole laundry.

Found more mould in the living room.

I’m in a better frame of mind today. At least things are getting sorted.

The heater is on. I’m waiting for the room to heat up so I can have a shower . 

Meanwhile a load have gone into the washing machine and I’m just tidying up around the house.

Have stripped my bed to wash. Will just pop a mattress protector on and won’t worry about making it. Not sure if I want to stay the night or not.

I do need to get back as still got work to finish and things to organise.

List for today :

Lots of washing and cleaning up.

Take rubbish out. 

The house feels a bit abandoned and neglected. Doesn’t feel like home.

Taking stuff home for the mezzanine . A spare lamp, bed spread. 

Found some cupcakes liners for my youngest.

The juicer for my son who doesn’t like the magic bullet thingy.

Groceries to bring back just in case we don’t come down and finish them before they are due. 

Pick up my lamps from the store as they couldn’t find them yesterday then they rang me at 5pm and by then it was too late. Either that or tomorrow.

Buy vegies , herbs and some cheap wine to make a lamb casserole from left overs yesterday. 

See if I can book a room at same hotel as my friend is staying. That way I can sleep in my own bed.