I’ve been up since 5am. It’s now 910pm. What a feat.

I caught both the sunrise and sunset today.

Tonight whilst having a toilet break half way home. It’s a proper petrol station not a bush like usual 😂 that’s how we Aussies do it . Behind a bush when needed 😂

Came home to find cupcakes again from my youngest and rice and eggplant? From one of the staff from the nursing home we service. Hubby tend to look after them giving them discounts so they in turn look after us. 

My dessert, grapefruit . It’s yummy. 

Goodnight world see you tomorrow when the sun rises again. If only. 

Waiting for my load to finish washing . May be I’ll ask one of the kids to hang them out for me. It’s only a mattress protector. If only I can trust them not to forget.