Feeling a bit overwhelmed today. Last night received homework in the mail from volunteering mob to do. They’ve emailed out a cd with all of their policies etc to go through.

The coordinator have emailed me my template at last. Thus will need to print it out and work on it before she hands me everything else. She wrote in her email this morning that she appreciates my offer. Which is nice of her.

My brunch this morning. Cheese and tomatoes toastie.

Got all this laundry to do as well as our usual laundry.

One load in already.

I’ve decided since I’m a list person to write it all out so I don’t forget. 

Might write a cheque and give to one of the kids to take to tutoring to pay when they go to Box Hill. 

Hubby can pay for the sunroof people. 

His reprieve was short lived. He thought he had one month off studying only to find it starts again next week.

It means I can’t depend on him to help me with house handyman stuff

2-3 pages of stuff to do. I’m already over it. Will tick as I go. 

Lucky last. At least the most important bit is done. That way I don’t have a grumpy old fart to deal with for the next few days as well 😂 

Looks like a busy weekend for me 😩 need to take the kids out as well since it’s school holidays.