I think I’ve done extra good today except I’ve forgotten the milk and a cutlery drainer 😩

Leggings for me as I want to exercise more. They were $8 from Target not $60+ like in that Lorna Jane catalogue. Jeez I didn’t know exercise stuff was so lucrative .

Since I saved money I bought myself two pairs of warm fluffy socks for $6 😍

Bought globes for my son as his globe was poking out from his new lamp.

Splurged on Thailand. Might as well start planning 😂

Found a card for the wedding. Tomorrow I’ll look around for a small pressie to go with our money gift.

Did groceries.
Phoned the staff to confirm the date. She’s okie about it so all good.

Phoned the bathroom people he’s on leave.

Phoned another plasterer he’s coming to give me a quote on Wednesday. Sounds like a young one as he texted back cu..see you.

Which means I’m off to the hidey hole again on Wednesday.
Phoned the person I’m supposed to be replacing to get tips about the job. I’m to start the new position with the vollies next week. It’s a volunteering position. Instead of taking people out I send the shifts out to the volunteers.

Received the second quote for $880. Except he only quoted me for the laundry cupboard? What the?

I’m not even going to ring him back and sort it out. How incompetent can he be? When I specifically asked him to quote for the laundry’s ceiling and our living room ceiling as well ?

Washed all my clothes . Laundry have been caught up. 

In all have ticked lots of boxes. I’m happy.