Today’s aim is to find doors for our toilet. We’ve put up with it for so long I think it’s time.

Now I know why it’s so noisy from the dining area. The builder used a cheap hollow door. Not only that there’s a gap of about 2.2cm from the floor.

Half way through writing this I’ve been able to secure two doors. Total of $456.50 unstained, uninstalled solid core timber veneer. They will come in 10-12 days and will be delivered to us.

I need to ring another plastering mob today as the second quote still haven’t come through as yet. Don’t think he was interested in the job. 

He came across as disorganised and well let just say my first impression of him was pretty bad. He failed miserably. 

The first guy was more keen. He took down notes and took photos. He was late but phoned just before he was due to say he was caught up in traffic. In my mind he’s already made a good impression.

List for the week:

Policies and processes for volunteering
Mezzanine to dust and wash bedlinen since my niece was staying with us just recently.

Work since don’t have to cook. Dad have phoned me to say he’s cooked a big pot of Vietnamese beef stew and is giving us some.

Ring bathroom people.


Shopping -card and pressie for wedding.

Remind hubby about our taxes. Can’t believe he still hasn’t gotten around to it. 

Also remind hubby about ringing his staff. We are holding a farewell dinner for her and he still hasn’t confirm the date with her. He just assumed the date is fine when it’s her mum’s birthday. Her mum is invited to our farewell ..still.

That way we can go book the restaurant next week once the RSVPs are in.

Apart from buying them lunches and treats we try to treat our staff to a nice dinner and drinks twice a year . They are allowed to bring their spouses and kids along. Just something for them since they don’t earn much. It’s a family do kind of thing and most time we book for 20-30 people including kids. 

Our favourite place to go is Chinabar. Lots of selections and the little ones have got somewhere to stretch their little legs. This way even the fussy eaters can find something to eat.

Trip down to hidey hole again for quotes. Need to email the insurers first.

Lots to do. This week I’m a bit freer than next week. I’m the type the more I can get done the better . I hate leaving things undone when they can be done so I can move to the next lot. 

Guess I’d better get going. Lots to do and not much time.