Today is it. Getting stuff done. 

Have ordered mats for the kitchen. Trying to protect my legs. 

Today I’ll have to sort out what’s left. The coordinator have emailed me to say I don’t have to start til next month. I’ll ring her soon to find time to come in to see her before then.

It gives me a bit of reprieve as next week I’ve got my friend for Monday and Tuesday.

My list is certainly looking shorter as have managed to tick off a lot of items.

Still unable to find a make up artist for the wedding. Guess all the good ones get booked out pretty quick 😩

List for today and tomorrow:


Mezzanine to dust. 

Top up Myki for my friend

Usual boring groceries and dinner.

Laundry from hidey hole

Vollies stuff -I’m procrastinating.

Blinds – should be due soon will ring them later to see when it’s coming in. 

Ribbons to pick up. 

Cutlery drainer to buy