Happy I’ve managed to find some mats.

How cool are they? I’m buying them for my kitchen. Love the bright green colour. Okie I’m a sucker for greens eventhough I used to be a pink girl.

These are excercising mats but they’d be just perfect for my kitchen.

They measures 600mm by 1400mm or 1800mm and 10mm thick. 

They do come in a thicker mat but in different colours the dimensions don’t suit.

Hmmm the company don’t send to Australia . Don’t you love it when you get to this page and it’s like hahaha got you. 

 The distributors in Oz don’t stock green. I have rung the one in Melbourne and she told me she can’t put in a special order as they come in boxes of 20s and she can’t sell the rest. 
The green is very bright and they dirty quickly 😩 

Guess charcoal it will have to be 😩