It took me awhile to work out the day of the week. How did it get to this? I feel slower as the days goes by. To think it’s only been 5-6 months. 

Don’t think hubby like me staying at home . I go shopping too much. The thing is when you’re at home all the time little stuff gets to you. So off I go trying to make my environment better. That’s all. I see things that I never saw before or too busy to bother to care. 

Like our living area. The speakers and sound processor. We have no need for them . Hubby watches his movies on his lap top now. Thus they’ve been made redundant. We only use the TV as a TV. 

I’m decluttering but the only place I’m not is my kitchen. I’m actually buying more stuff for it. 

My kitchen is bursting at the seams. I thought I had lots of storage spaces when I designed the kitchen. Guess I don’t. 

I’m thinking of getting another shelf for my pantry.  I want a stand alone shelf with two end legs so I can pop stuff on it. I don’t want to damage the splashback as it’s glass tiles. This way one of the legs will be behind the microwave. 

It will be in hardwood and a narrower width than the shelf on top and a clear stain. May be if I buy the materials I can get dad to make it for me ? I’ll ask him first. 

The mat people phoned yesterday. They will personally deliver my mats especially on Saturday morning since they’ll be in the area. 

She was curious as to what I’m using it for. Told her we’ve got concrete floors in the kitchen and since the antifatigue mats are all 900mm wide these were perfect at 600mm wide.

Today I have to go pick up the ribbon. I am buying the whole roll since they always run out of stock . It’s a natural weave that I use for my card. 

The shop is in Hawthorn . Little did I realise they had other branches in the CBD. Silly me. I could have gone wandering to their stores.

May be next time I’m in the city I’ll go exploring.

As for dinner ? I’m going to be lazy and do a pasta bake. I just need to go buy more cheese and vegies on the way home. 

I’m so glad it’s the last day of the school holidays. Back to normal next week.