Missed my train by about 2 minutes. I guess if I’d tried I might have made it but it would have meant running down and under the underpass then up again and touch on my Myki before I could board.

Oh well will wait for the next train. The result is this photo and a 17 minutes wait.

Managed to top up my Myki. Checked the spare Myki to find $10 still left. All good to go for my friend.

I was not the only one late. It turned out my period decided to make its presence today two days later than expected.

It means hubby is going to be grumpy for the next week or so. He offered to go find it for me two days ago. Then again last night and this morning. To which I declined. 

In turn it means I’ll be turning up to the wedding in September all padded up 😩

I was thinking bugger it. But then the alternative of having hot flushes and vaginal dryness doesn’t appeal either 😩

I can’t decide if I want to go pick up my ribbon first or go to lunch first. If I do then I’ll have lunch in Hawthorn and head into the city. 

Or I can have lunch in the city and go wandering and pick up my ribbon on the way back. 

Decisions decisions. 

One good thing the sun is out and it’s not too cold . The Artic blast that was supposed to accompany the cold front last night might have been running late as well.