Forward two steps back. About to have had it with this drape thingy. How hard can it be?

Have removed the drapes with the help of my son.

Bed covered.

Only on removal to make a big hole in the wall 😩

Now I’m worried the other hook is going to make another big hole.

Bugger it and it’s 504pm what was I thinking? 

Spent all afternoon trying to catch up at the business and left it too late.

The paint shop have closed and my only saviour will have to be Bunnings. I wonder what time they close on a Sunday? As I’ll need some plaster to patch up that new hole 😩 

Now where did hubby left his screw driver?  Because without it I can’t remove the other hook. And if he sees me removing it he’s going to ask questions 😩

I might just leave it for now? I’m in big trouble 😩