Hubby doesn’t know about the new blinds. If he knows how much they cost he’ll freak out.

One thing about living on top of the business is we get slugged left right and centre. It’s like people thinks they’ve got a business they must be doing well and why not overcharge them? They can afford it.

I used to think it’s unfair since we worked our butt off to get where we are today. Now I just accept it. It comes with living in a nice and safe area. No use getting mad about it.

If it was me I’d do the same. Why not? Charge less for the poor and more for the rich like Robinhood. 

Anyhow today I need to get to the paint store to buy plastic covers for my bed.

Remember that plaster bit in the bedroom that I patched up months ago ? Time to sand and paint it. To sand it I’d need to take the drapes down. That way it’s already for the installers tomorrow morning. Which means they won’t take too long with it and I can get out of the house quicker 😂

It provides me with an excuse of taking the drapes down without hubby being suspicious. And then when he comes up and see the blinds? It’s too late 😂

My mum’s advice on marriage. Only discuss about the big thing. Anything at home is a woman’s domain. No need to bother your husband about the little things. 

Earlier in my marriage I’ve asked him advice about buying this and that. It was no use he’ll just say we’ve got no money etc etc but he had money to give to his family. 

Instead of arguments, now I just go buy what I like. As long as it makes our place more homely and functional I think it’s a fair call. 

The money for the blinds comes from my money that I’ve saved up from working at the hospital so he can’t say anything anyway.

One thing I’ve learnt through out the years I get more things done when I don’t involve him. He earns the money. The business is his domain. I run the household. We help each other out but we let each other be only stepping in when we think the other is being unreasonable. 

And that’s marriage life. Partners in crime. 

He’s the patient one, I’m the fiery one. He’s good at business, I’m good at spending. He’s a great handyman and I’m a great designer. He does things to get them done. I like the little details 😂 

We complement each other though we drive each other nutters.

List for today:

Work-I’m behind again . What’s new? Plus with the next two days spending with my friend I won’t be able to go into work.

Groceries-Since I spent the afternoon napping yesterday groceries didn’t get done. The kiddies are back to school tomorrow.

Dinner-usually we have take aways on Sundays. Just not sure if I can stomach anymore take aways. Might have to bite the bullet and cook.


Vollies-policies due today. Been procrastinating.