I’m off exploring whilst I wait for my friend. Have caught the tram and was going to walk to the DFO but worried that there might not be a foot path to get there.

Thus I’m waiting for my bus. It should come soon and then I can investigate how to get back to the hotel.

Two buses never came so I started walking only to find one came a couple of minutes after I started, Murphy’s law. I was like what? Waited like 25 minutes and no bus in sight 😖

Lucky it’s not too bad a day so have decided to walk back to the tram stop. This time a different one so I can explore the strip  shopping there. 

I need to top up our Mykis and buy some tissues. My friend was like they don’t have slippers? Or tissues? Or toothbrush? What kind of hotel is this? 

Very Asian wall art.

A church on my way back.

Popped in at a chemist to buy my tissues. Better support the little stores. It looks like our pharmacy 30 something years ago. Needs a make over bad. 

My toilet stop since libraries are known for cleaner toilets than the public ones. This guy is crazy. It’s freezing out.

This bakery looks good. Was tempted but saving myself for laksa later. We’ve decided to try a new laksa place. I get to choose where to go since my friend sucks at deciding . She wants to eat everything.

Bought some fruit for us.

We’ve decided to do this tonight before dinner. It’s $15 to get in and grab a drink each and sing for an hour in a choir. Sounds like fun. 

I guess if I like it I can do it long term. It’s right in the CBD so you never know I might make it a hobby. 

Only found it by chance as was thinking of booking a comedy show there.