We were so tired after walking around for hours we changed our minds.

Instead of singing we decided to go see stand up comedy instead.

Since it didn’t start til 830pm we opted to go have dinner first. Not that we were that hungry. 

We pigged out at lunch😩

I swear this bowl of laksa was like 1.5 times the normal serve. I had fried fish fillet laksa. She had seafood. It was yum . Needless to say I couldn’t finish the bowl even though I did try to eat all of the fillets . Ended up leaving half of the last piece and about 1/3 of the noodles behind. And that was after I gave my friend one to try. 

We initially were going to have Korean but was still too full and she didn’t seem too keen on udon. Thus when I asked her if she wanted Vietnamese she said yes then retracted to say it’s too far.

I told her nope we are going. I could tell she really wanted to but she didn’t want to make the effort of going out of the city.

Anyhow I kind of said look it’s only about 25 minutes on the tram, we can sit and talk.

In the end instead of spicy beef noodles we ended up having steam boat. 

It’s all you can eat and you just grab dishes on the rotary and anything not there you just order with the waitress. They had quite a few soup bases. I ordered miso and my friend had tom yum. Both were good. 

For $31.50 a head it was a bargain. Ice cream was included. 

After steam boat we headed back into the city. 

Views from the roof top bar over looking Parliament House whilst we waited for our show. We were about 25 minutes early.

The other direction.

Our drinks, we had the house cocktail.

The stage.

It’s $15 at the door to get in and $12 online. Our headliner was Sami Shah.


In all we both had a great night.