Every year I would choose a seminar in Sydney to have a mini break. A mini break from family life more than anything. This year is no different.

I have made arrangements to meet up with Y. We have lost contact for a few years now as I don’t frequent the music chat rooms where I know him from. Looking forward to see him again.

He’s someone I have been seeing on and off for more than a decade now. At this stage of our lives we are more friends than lovers. To put it precisely friends with benefits..

We tend to meet each other here and there when I go up to Sydney or when he comes down to Melbourne. There might be a few years in between and thus when we see each other we automatically pick up from where we last dropped off.

Funny thing is it’s like one of those movies. Where a girl meet a guy can’t be together and so they bump into each other here and there. Catch up on each other’s life and then off they go again back to their normal life. That’s what we are. We are like railway tracks that runs parallel to each other but can never be together.

March 2013

Fast forward to 2017:

I’ve been thinking and thinking. Should I contact him to get together this August? Still undecided.