From my deck this morning. The trees are bare and the skies grey.

It’s predicted that it will rain today. 

Our Japanese student have settled in. She even washed her own clothes yesterday.

I’ve done heaps today. Got work done at the shop before it opened for business .

Then sorted out my volunteering stuff. 

Dishes and laundry sorted.

Have booked the restaurant for the staff party.

I’m feeling groovy. Will go have a shower now and make a start on dinner.

Found some nice scotch fillets yesterday so will get hubby to BBQ it today.

I’ll prep the pasta salad, cauliflower and vegies this morning and marinate the steaks.

Today’s list:

Wrap wedding pressie

Unwrap all of my happy faces. Need to work out how to hang them. May be a trip to Bunnings is in order 😍

General tidying up of our place. Need to put away hubby’s tools. It’s crowding our living room.

Print waiver forms out ready for Thursday.

Go over interview questions for Thursday. We are interviewing potential new volunteers. 

And that’s it for this gloomy Tuesday. Now what to do once I finish all of my chores? Go shopping for an outfit? Don’t want to really until I’ve lost some weight. 

My favourite designer have got some cool stuff out at the moment. Her stuff are made in Australia so I’m all for it. Just have to wait til there’s a sale on 😍