I think I got a bad deal 😩 Hubby is demanding repayment for my lobster lunch in the form of sex. He calls it jig-a-jig. 

I now owe him 2 and a half jig-a-jigs. 

1/2 a jig-a-jig from me humping his leg before sleep every night and 

2 jig-a-jigs from the lobster lunch 😩

I’m sure he hasn’t gone into the positive as yet because my humping his leg is only a few minutes each night and a jig-a-jig lasts for like an hour 😩

May be if I can bargain it down to 1 jig-a-jig it wouldn’t be so bad. He’s got a really bad memory but he remembers all the jig-a-jig that I owe him . How’s that possible? 😩