Little Miss V have been so naughty she’s now as heavy as she was last year.

She’s been a little pig and shoving food into her mouth day and night and didn’t care less.

She ate out of boredom. She ate because she craved. She ate because it made her feel good. It made her warm.

Today she’s turning a new leaf. Going to be good and make sure the portions are smaller.

Going to be good and go walkies. 

The thing is she was so miserable lighter. She was always hungry. Then the false sense of security that she could go on at a lighter weight. If she just kept at it.

That didn’t work for as soon as she saw ice cream she was on a bender. And after ice cream came KFC. Both undid all of her good work .

One thing she learnt was that if she could drop the kilos. She could drop them again.

Today she is off. Yes she’ll drop them again. Her friend only weighs 47kg. She’s like 52kg. She’s aiming for 49kg or even 48kg. 

Her husband: look at your friend . I can’t tell if I’m facing her or not? 

Hmmm don’t think he wants her lighter at all. He loves her boobs too much 😩