Okie it’s too early for Christmas. I’m not ready for Christmas as yet either.

My plushies have arrived . How cute are they?

This morning I’ve gone into work.
Emailed our plumber to say thank you for the quote.

Emailed the insurance people the quote.

Emailed out a shift to the volunteers. No reply as yet.

Phoned a client to say I’ve found a volunteer for them.

Update my list of bookings for next month.

I’ve started a Food diary. It’s so very hard. Keep on wanting to put food in my mouth 😩

Print out the waiver forms for tomorrow.

All is left is to book restaurant for tonight or for tomorrow as not sure if our son has tutoring tonight or not. 
If we are eating at home tonight I’ll have to cook. Might do a stir fry from the left over vegies. Don’t think our Japanese girl like vegies very much. May be her mum make her eat them? Since she’s a dietitian ? 😂

Unpack my happy faces. Didn’t get to go to Bunnings yesterday. 

And wrap my pressie. 

Need to go to Medibank to claim hubby’s dentist bill. 

The thing is where is his card? If he had his card with him it’s free as we are allowed 2 teeth cleaning a year.

Now it’s another trip for me. 

Still got to claim my Medicare stuff too from the doctor before I forget.