Have managed to fill all shifts for August. They just keep on coming. It’s a never ending cycle. Not sure if I’m made for this job.

Yesterday I was thinking how the hell am I going to get them filled? Guess worse comes to worse I can stand by for the most urgent one.

Today’s list:



Wrap pressie

Put tools away

Work-not much work probably an hour of work and I’m done. Somehow managed to get all my stuff done running around like a headless chook. 

Print out tickets for the morning as they leave at 8am.

My oldest have offered her services. She’s taking the girls to Healesville Sanctuary to see the kangaroos and koalas tomorrow . It means I can rest for the footy. 

Going to pack them a packed lunch and snack each. Food at these places are outrageously expensive and crappy.

Will give her money to buy hot drinks and hot chips /wedges to keep them warm.

Sort out Medicare. They used to have offices where you can pop in and claim. Now it’s like you have to go online, print out claim form and post it away or drop it into their claim box. There’s one in Box Hill that I can go to.