Where nothing went according to plan. 

I got up real early to get lunch and breakfast sorted. Was hoping for them to leave around 8am with my daughter driving .

Well guess what? Miss unreliable came home at 5am and well it was after 7am when I talked to her. So that went out the window.

I was thinking bugger it . It meant I had to drive as I’m not putting 4 precious lives in her hands with only 2 hours of sleep. So rushed to get ready so we could leave.

Saw a missed call from the Sanctuary around 8am. By the time I saw it and try ringing back it was a good 20 minutes later and no one answered.

Silly me thought may be it’s the crazy weather and they’ve cancelled the experiences so drove anyway.

The view on the way there.

An hour later and many, many red traffic lights we got there to find it was closed 😩
Apparently because of the strong winds they decided to close the Sanctuary as they couldn’t risk the trees falling over and injuring the animals, staff or the visitors.

Our plan B was to go into the city and go see the penguins at the Aquarium and ice skating. That didn’t eventuate. May be today.

By time we got in and parked the winds have picked up. It nearly blew us all away. 

Went walkies with them to show them some of Melbourne and ended up in a quiet food court for lunch. 

My son took the train and met us at lunch to give us our tickets for the footy since I wasn’t going to drive back home to grab them.

Then we went shopping.

This was my view whilst I waited for them, Myer basement. They had a 30-40% sale on yesterday.

By 3pm we were knackered. We rested at a seat in the Emporium. My little one wanted a pair of runners so gave her money to go buy them.

By 4pm I took the whole lot to our car for a nap.

They kind of woke up around 6pm. We went to have udon and then onto the footy. 

I think they liked the first bit. The opening when everything was happening. The excitement of the game.

We left at half time. Couldn’t sit through the misery of my team being thrashed by the opposition. It was pretty much a one sided match 😩 they played like sissies 😩

Ended up at dessert story to grab dessert. We didn’t get home till 1030pm.

I’m still tired today. Washing school uniforms at the moment. Then we will go out to lunch and then to the city me thinks.

All I want to do is to crawl into bed.