We woke up late. Then had to sort out breakkie as the other student go back to her host family today.

Thought I’d better feed her just in case she was going straight out for the day.

Spent the morning at home washing school uniforms. I’ve just turned the heater on to warm up the court yard. Fingers crossed the jumpers are all dry by tomorrow morning.

I tend to wash them on Saturdays so they dry in time. Yesterday we went out all day thus it was forgotten.

We ended up going out to pho for lunch.  She told us she knows what pho is but have never had it.

She must have liked it as she finished her whole bowl.

Then I took the girls into the city to explore some more.

Forgot about the market. We wandered through it. It was just beautiful weather. The sun was out. It was nice and warm. Like an Indian Summer. 

This is what Melbourne is about . When the weather is nice everyone is out and about.

We went up high to floor 88. Can’t figure out which part of Melbourne this is. South Melbourne ? Albert Park? Feels like I don’t know Melb at all. 

The Yarra river. Art Centre. The sport stadiums. 

Flinder St station to the left. Federation square opposite it. St Paul’s cathedral. The Westin next to the cathedral. 

After that we wandered down South wharf.

We went ice skating and no I didn’t skate. I used to rollerskate every week when I was younger. Not so gamed now. Worried about injuries. 

They were so rowdy we had a peek. Celebrating Sweden day? 

After ice skating we went to have hot pot. I think our Japanese student like light tasting food. Not too much seasoning.