Accepted a request today. I shouldn’t have. I didn’t know him.

He sent me cock photos. Flaccid 1 inch and hard 3.5 inches. What is wrong with these guys? They must love it?

If it was standing straight to attention. Nice and round and at least 6-7 inches then by all means send them. I love admiring a nice cock.

If it’s any other than that please no. No I don’t want to see little tiny albino mice. 

This guy kept on asking me if his was a baby cock or not? How many times must I tell him the average is around 5.5 inches? 

In the end I blocked him. Sicko that’s for sure.

I don’t care if you’ve got a small cock. If you use it wisely it can still pleasure me. What I can’t stand is some guy with a small cock and keep on harping on about his small cock.

Arghhhhhhhh. Now I know why I’ve been good for the last year or so😩