May be I should have been a counsellor? The host mum rang me just then. She’s worried she’s done something wrong with her exchange student as she doesn’t smile or laugh much. 

I didn’t know what to say. One that didn’t know much English and one that spoke in broken English. From what I can gather the host mum knows Japanese. Thus they must communicate in Japanese. 

I have trouble understand the host mum as is. Her accent is very strong. 

She asked me when the student stayed at our place did she smile with me? I told her it’s her personality. She’s more reserved. She watches and she’s very slow warming up to people. She’s wary of people. 

She asked me did she communicate in English? I told her yes a little or else we used Google translate. 

Then she went on to tell me how she sleeps late and then takes an hour in the bathroom.

I was thinking oh dear. She asked me what time the girls slept? I told her I wouldn’t know as when they are tired they sleep. 

She was very defensive saying she tried her best. I replied we all try our best.

Come to think of it I am thankful for our Japanese student. She’s very easy going . She eats whatever is put in front of her. What she doesn’t like she eats less of. And she smiles a lot . 

As for her friend, I think I’d be having trouble too. The two girls are polar opposites. Our one is the happy naive one and a follower. The other girl is more reserved and leads.

I think when she left us she told me thank you very much and actually smiled. 

Not sure if I should offer for her to stay here? I don’t want to offend the host mum.