Are the pits. They keep on coming . You leave a job and they send you a survey. You buy something they send you one. You go to an event and of course there’s one in your inbox.

What the? When you leave a job it’s either you’ve got a better offer elsewhere ? Or you can’t stand the management ? What are you going to write on the survey? Sorry mate I’ve had a better offer. Nothing personal . Or apologies? Your management sucks? 

If you buy a product? Oh your product is lovely? A bit pricey ? Delivery took way too long? 

Or the event? By the way you’re ripping me off and your food tasted like crap? 

Crap crap crap. Needless to say I don’t bother answering them. They just go straight from my inbox to my trashbox.

Note to self never send a satisfaction survey to our clients.