Already popped one in this morning and it’s not even 9am. There’s only one left. I’d better buy more. 

My tummy is rebelling today from all the bad food. I feel like a ripped blanket held together by a few stitch. I am beyond tired.

Plans for today is to get the household in order. I’ve got a tonne of washing to do. All the beddings from hosting the extra Japanese student. It’s also towel day today.

Then need to go buy groceries. We’ve ran out of bread , lunch meat, fruit.

The girls had porridge for breakfast and will be having lunch order at school today.

I’m craving a home cooked meal. We’ve been eating out since Friday. 

I’m thinking rice , lots of vegies and may be fried tofu for dinner. Clean wholesome food. From the look of it our Japanese student like to eat bland food . Not too much seasoning. 

She’s not into duck or pork. She didn’t mind chicken. Last night she downed 2-3 plates of sliced beef at the hot pot plate. I think it’s what she’s used to. Sliced not steak.