Of August. Here is hoping we are into the warmer weather. This Winter started early, may be it will end early too? Wishful thinking?

The days are getting brighter. That’s a good thing.

On Sunday when we were wandering through Melbourne in the sunshine I thought to myself yes I love Melbourne. 

So much food. So much coffee. So much culture. What more could one ask for? Well except for better weather . But then one wouldn’t appreciate the nice days as much. 

My list for today:

Catch up on the laundry. Nearly there only two more loads to go.

Tidy up the place. His tools are still lying there on our living room floor.


Dinner? Might make pasta for our student. Mushroom and bacon. See if she likes it or not.

Still got tofu from last night. I might stuff them and pop them in a tomato sauce. That way hubby can have it with rice. 

Hubby loves his rice. We love variety.