I was a bit worried about my son batting for the other team. But tonight behold he’s shown a bit of interest in a girl, our Japanese student.

When his sister told us she’s got to study at her friend’s place tomorrow afternoon he jumped in to say he’ll pick her up and take her home.

We decided that his sister will walk her to the station and my son to wait there to take her home. 

Lucky for us the two schools aboard and alight at the same train stop. My son’s school is 10 minutes walk to the right and my daughter’s 10 minutes walk to the left. 

Then after dinner he asked her for a photo?

I was like what? My son asking a girl for a photo? 

What is going on?

Hubby was like well may be he’s met his match . They both seem to like the same things. Same things here means food. 

From what I can see she loves Italian like him. The other day at Pho she ordered a shredded chicken one like him.

And she has an appetite just like him. At this rate I might end up with a Japanese daughter in law 😂

Hubby was like you’re already thinking ahead. I’m like thank goodness he’s starting to like girls. 

When he was in prep a girl wanted to marry him. It was cute seeing the two of them together. They’d go walking hand in hand. She even kissed him.

After that episode he’s only ever had his mate home so they can play games on the laptop.

It got so bad that him and his mate are inseparable. If you see one you’re bound to see the other. Not only that their mannerisms are kind of identical. It’s funny but weird also.

Anyhow tonight showed there’s hope that my son is not just some nerd playing computer games 😂 with no girl skills 😂