Last night he wanted to redeem. He told me he still got 1.5. We were at the business when I climbed on to his lap and started humping his leg 😂

He promptly demanded 0.2 of a jig-a-jig for it. Told him he was being unfair. Only a couple minutes of humping doesn’t equate to 0.2.

Anyhow when we got to bed he wanted me to cream him all over. Not sure if it’s the heater or the new fabric softener that’s making us itch.

For that I bargained it down 😂 1.5 is now only 1. Two can play the game.

He then gave me cuddles in hope to bring his jig-a-jig score back up😂

Nope, for now it’s staying at one. And if he redeems it today then it stands at zilch 😂