G: I am perfect. I do everything for her. She is lucky to have me.

Me: Big head. Mine say that to me too.

G: Next Monday will be our 13th anniversary.

Me: So are you guys doing anything special??

G: No. Just another day.

Me: oh G. You should.

G: But if I do it she will think that there is something going on? No

Me: What does she like?

G: Watching TV ?

Me: lol, Get her flowers at least? We always do something for ours. Like going out for dinner? Jazz? Get a baby sitter and do something special? He always get me flowers.

G: She doesn’t care less. She just doesn’t care about anything.

Me: That’s how I will be when I get back to Melbourne. Our marriage is that if we keep on going we are okie. We can’t talk about the problem.

G: I know, can’t fix it and can’t leave.

Me: At last I’ve found someone who knows what it is like (laughing)

G: We are really 2 peas in a pod aren’t we?

Me: Get her flowers okie?

G: No

Me: Yes

G: You know and yet you still want me to try and fix my marriage?

Me: Yes. There goes. You’re not perfect, you could do better.

G: Could do better eh? (laughing)

Me: Yes.

August 2012

Fast forward to 2017: They are now divorced. He’s with someone else. Someone that didn’t accept him playing on the side and thus he had to be free before he could be with her.

May be she’s the right one after all. I still see him once in awhile to catch up if I am in the area. He’s doing okie. Happy for him.

I still feel guilty though. Feels like because of me his marriage is now over. He was contented playing on the side before me. Because of me he wanted more. I couldn’t give him more.