Yesterday after popping two cold and flu tablets I thought I could be anything. It felt great and I could be Wonder Woman for all I know.

Today? I feel like crap. I was hoping to drive down to attend the ball today. My heart wanted to go my head was like you know you can’t.

Admit it? Your head is all fuzzy. It’s not safe to drive over 100kms down there. And then put make up on , wear sexy clothes, bare it all whilst you’re still sick.

So in the end my heart gave in. Have forwarded my ticket to the organiser for her to find someone to go in my place.

I felt worse today. Last night we ventured out and it was freezing cold. The app told us it was 9C it felt like 0C . Don’t think they took into account the chill factor.
We were in luck as we found a car park on Lygon St and walked down to the cafe. It was about a 300m walk yet it felt much further. 

We ended up parking just opposite the housing commissions. Not a nice place to park, guess that’s why there’s still spaces left. 

We took a chance and our car was still there in one piece when we got back. Mind you it’s not worth much now but a broken window or windscreen would have meant an inconvenience, not having a car.

Our luck extended when we got to the cafe. After doing one round we found a table that was big enough to accommodate the 5 of us.

The cakes were yummy. Hubby and I shared the Rum baba crema and the pistachio slice. My daughter the lemon tart, my son the fondant and our exchange student you guessed it the chocolate tart. She just love chocolate. 

The place was chockers. Hubby said it’s like a market. People everywhere. 

When you walk in they had fridges lining the two walls. Then there’s a long serving bench with cakes and pastries in single serve slices in display cabinets underneath the bench to choose. 

After that is their coffee/wine area with lots of machines and baristas working . It’s like a huge bar.

And lucky but not last for those that’s after a meal there’s pizzas, focaccias ready to go.

At the very end they’ve got a gelato/ice cream section for the ice cream lovers.

I haven’t been there for a few years and from the look of things they’ve gotten bigger and bigger.

And yet still not enough sitting room. 

Their cakes.