I’m running at 50% capacity. My cough have subsided only the headache, runny eyes and nose remains.

Have popped in 2 cold and flu this morning and an extra Paracetamol 665mg. 

Feeling much better than the last few days. My house is like a pigsty. Too sick and tired to even get it in order.

No bread, no lunch meat, no groceries done. Kids will be having lunch order today.

Finally got my volunteering bit under control, only two outstanding shifts for next week.

My laundry is also up to date. Dishes shoved into the dishwasher this morning only cutlery to do.

Work is kind of up to date only to start again today. 

As for hubby? He’s been relentless, he doesn’t stop. Just then he came up to ask for a jig-a-jig with an offer to take me shopping😂 not to mention the last few days offering me his miracle cure for my cold and flu. You guessed it, his magic injection 😂

List for today:



I’d better go shower and wash my hair. I look a sight. Got training at 3pm in the city today for that interviewing panel for next month. 

It’s raining and cold. Don’t really want to go but a commitment is a commitment.