Well since I can’t book a make up person I’m going nudie. 

Splurged on a make up set. I like Estée Lauder. They have beautiful colours. A bit pricy but worth it. Bought the nudie set. Might give it to my daughter. I wouldn’t know what to do with it. 

Anyhow didn’t bother with foundation. Just some lippy, blush and eye shadow. Bought a new eye liner as well in black. Hopefully my daughter can help me with the make up.

Bring on the party. If only I can get over this stupid flu. I was going to call it a cold but since it’s lasted this long and I feel so crap it must be the flu.

Volunteering is not going so well either. I had to hand ball back the shifts to my coordinator at lunch. 

The thing is if we have shifts spreaded over the five days then it’s not so bad. It’s when they are bunched up on the one day then we have trouble filling them. 

Our volunteers are not all available on the one day. Some works , some volunteers for other organisations as well. 

Apparently she’s managed to fill the Monday ones. I’ve got two on Tuesday still to fill. Will sort it out on Monday.

I could stand by and take one shift if I’m well enough. Touch wood. Not sure if I should risk it though being in the cold again. Tuesday is supposed to be rainy.

Today was a miserable day. My head hurts the whole day. It’s 1036pm now. I’m about to take my Panadol Osteo and hop to bed me thinks.

Here is hoping tomorrow is a better day. Still haven’t made it to Bunnings as yet. That’s on my list for tomorrow. 

One good thing we are going out for dinner so no cooking. I do have to pop into the business to do some more dispensing though. 

No dispensing, no money for dinner. It’s a brain numbing job but it’s our bread and butter.

Hubby have solved our staff shortage. He’s going to give one of our pharmacists an extra day. That way hopefully she won’t work elsewhere and be a reliever for us for when we go away on holidays. 

Both of our pharmacists are working two days each at the moment. They also work somewhere else. One works two days in a hospital the one asking for the extra day wants to quit her other job.

We think she’s looking for a partnership. As she was wondering why we haven’t gotten in a partner? 

Not too keen about it though as we still want control over the business plus need to crunch the numbers. It means we will be less in debt but it also means less income. 

There’s pros and cons with a partnership. It’s like being married . Easy to get in much harder to get out. Been there done that. Once bitten twice shy.