And counting . The shifts keep on coming. As soon as I manage to fill one another one come.

It’s been a great day. Our NBN is in not sure if that’s bad or good . 

It’s supposed to provide all Australian with a faster speed internet no matter where we are located but so far a lot of unhappy consumers out there. The speed is pathetic and sometimes no speed at all aka internet my butt. Nothing , zilch what a load of rubbish .

Anyhow since they are promoting it they have given us no option at all. You either connect or you don’t get anything. Talk about democracy . What happened to freedom of choice ? The guy that came to the shop told us our 4G speed was three times as fast as the NBN speed. Try figuring that out ? 

Today has been a good day. I feel much better. Hubby took me to lunch in Westfield . We both had a souvlaki each then he went on to buy shoes. 

I bought a mango pudding , ate half and left half for him . Managed to buy some ink for the kids’ printer. Bought a hand wash for our rest room . Some make up for me.

Went to Daiso and got backings for mum’s earrings. 

Since I was in the middle of choosing make up hubby appeared so told him to go get his hair cut in Bulleen. I’ll take the bus. 

Made it to the bus with a minute to spare. Went to Box Hill to grab groceries then caught the train home with two minutes to spare. 

I got in about 5 minutes after he did. 

It’s been a productive day. The gas safety guy slugged us $330 to fix our fire place. He was half an hour late and he whinged and whinged and whinged. 

Don’t think I’ll use him again. At least we can use the fire place now 😊 

As for the NBN will have to wait and see . If a lot of people are rebelling then maybe the company or government might do something about it. 

At the moment no one wants to take responsibility.