What a morning . I got caught in the rain walking to the station.

Was supposed to catch the 811am express train and ended up with an 806am stopping all station.

My reasoning was it’s already running late and usually packed like sardines which would have meant tighter packed sardines.

In the end a supposed 25 minutes travel had I been on the express turned out to be a 35 minutes travel. 

I thought I would have been able to find a seat. Nope no seats since I didn’t go far enough up the platform to the first carriage.

One good thing I got on that train as there was delays with the next few trains.

Trains here are very unreliable. Our train service was privatised awhile back and well they get fined for running late. Thus it’s common practice for trains to skip stations if they are running late. That is if they run at all. 

My muffin freshly made for me while I waited . I asked them to toast it for me so the cheese melt. 

My view whilst eating . Another new building going up. I can’t remember what was there ? Hopefully it’s not one of our heritage one that they demolished?