I’m having an early night considering I didn’t nap today.

Worried about tomorrow. I’ve got to be in the city before 10am to do a shift. It means I’ve got to be up by 745am . Catch a train at 815am be in the city by 845am or 9am the latest. Have breakfast and then down to the booth by 945am to catch the buggy for the 10am pick up. 

Hopefully it will go as smoothly as planned. The buggy has been booked and we will ride from the platform to the exit of the station and off we go. 

All we need is to cross the streets and on to the tram.

With clients that are not mobile I like to book buggies for them. We need all the help we can get to get them to their appointment on time.

It also means less worry for us just in case they fall down etc etc.

Southern Cross station is one of our main hubs and it’s where most trips originate from. I’m more confident meeting clients at Southern Cross than at any of the other stations in the CBD. There’s more support at Southern Cross station (SCS).

Tomorrow should be easy. When clients have used us before they are more comfortable in waiting for us without getting anxious. They know the routine and it’s just easy.

First timers are hard. They get anxious and wander off. Sometimes they change their mode of transport and don’t tell us. It’s awful. Most of the clients I’ve lost has been first timers.

Need to bring my uniform out and find my badge. I haven’t taken a person out for a long time. It’s been months.

I took a break as I was sick of getting duds. Losing clients every single week. After awhile it gets to you.

Then I had my varicose done so that took time to heal. Now I’m volunteering in a new position. 

This person sounded like someone with a sense of humour on the phone. First thing they asked me was are they getting someone sprightly 😂 as the last person was quite old 😂 I told them they are getting me. 

So we should get on magnificently. It helps when you’ve got good company for the few hours. Makes the time goes much quicker.