Waited and waited and got hangry. I’m not too good when I’m hungry. He should know better.

Took myself to Westfield for lunch. Tom yum noodle soup. Not too crash hot but I couldn’t think anymore. It was after 2pm.

My views for lunch. The white pole is the red light camera. Our trees are still bare despite Spring just around the corner. 

On my way to grab ice cream 

Don’t get angry get even. Happiness is in a cone. Rum and raisin ice cream.

Yes I know I’m supposed to be on a diet but but BUT it’s like ice cream or getting mad at him. Ice cream it is.

Manage to find a vollie for tomorrow’s shift. The client was so happy to hear from me. Afterwards it’s like have a great day and keep smiling was their greeting to me. 

I could have taken the shift but I’ve got school commitments. Another music night for the youngest and well wouldn’t make it back in time. 

The vollie that volunteered have had two cancellations in two weeks thus it will be great for them. The client sounded very happy and easy going. A lovely one to take out.

Have printed out my homework. Took half a ream of paper. 

I’ve got an interview to sit in next Monday for the vollies then on Thursday I’ll be giving an informal talk to the students of my old school about interviewing tips.

Just brainstormed before and will write it in point form so I can talk about them and not waffle.