Hubby should be a happy man today. He got humped in the middle of the night 😂

Today’s List:

Dishes checked

Laundry checked 

Breakfast checked 

Volunteering-need to handball tomorrow’s booking back to the coordinator. It was late when I got hold of the client to change the meeting place and time for tomorrow’s appointment and emailing them out with not much hope. 

We don’t do too well with urgent bookings as the vollies can’t respond on time.

Groceries -not sure what’s for dinner ? I’m thinking spag bolognese 

Work-I’m way behind. I also need to go find my membership card to log in and print out my homework for my seminar in Sydney.

Household-need to remember to bring his pants with me to Box Hill when I go do groceries so I can pop it to the alteration people for hemming. I’m lazy , $15 for hemming is well not worth me fiddling around. 

Hubby was in a huff . He came up just as I was getting ready for a shower. You can’t go around naked the cable guy is here. Then he proceeded to pull all of my blinds down 😂