Within the space of a few hours and I’ve managed to find vollies for next week’s shifts.

I emailed out the bookings before I left to see my gum guy. He’s very cute. Hurts like hell though. He was very happy with me this time.

Managed to grab some lunch on the way back. Pretty pathetic if I may say so. The sushi is for hubby. I couldn’t finish my bento box. Too much food.

Now I need to go ring the clients up to let them know that I’ve found vollies for them.

Then will do a few hours of work at the business.

Groceries and dinner ? Or we could have fried rice? 

Need to pick up pants for hubby.

Work on my interview tips for the students. 

After that I need to tackle that pile of reading material. Looks dry as. One good thing it makes it easier to fall asleep 😂